Supergirl’s Torment
Chapter One

Supergirl, in her guise as Linda Danvers, was working in the office when her friend at the next desk called over to her. “Say, Lin, look at this.” The woman said, pointing at a small ad in the local newspaper. Stepping over to her desk, ‘Linda’ looked over the other woman’s shoulder.

‘Supergirl – of your charity I beg your assistance on a matter of the most extreme importance. If you will help me, I will meet you in the rear yard of 428 Magnolia Terrace, Wednesday, 6:00 pm.’

“What do you think of that?”

“Certainly an unusual way to call for help.” Linda replied, schooling her expression and tone to avoid betraying her real feelings. This call was for today, less than four hours away.

“Wonder if she saw it?”

“Guess we’ll never know.” Linda said dismissively, returning to her desk. Outwardly blasé about it, inwardly she was very curious indeed.

428 Magnolia Terrace, Supergirl noted as she flew high over the suburban landscape, was a one story ranch style home with, she saw, an enclosed rear lawn. There was a man seated at the table just within the yard, wearing a white short sleeved shirt and tan shorts against the late summer evening.

Confident but cautious, she scanned the property both inside and out with telescopic and x-ray vision, finding nothing out of the ordinary. Satisfied, at the appointed moment she descended from the sky to alight silently on the grass.

The man had seen her descent, and now stood to greet her, hand held out in welcome. Supergirl took a moment to appraise him; 6 foot tall, brown hair, mid-40’s, clean shaven, good build. She knew that in the first moment she herself was being appraised, but she was used to it. She wore her V-necked costume, sleeveless today against the summer heat, and her red hot pants over low blue slippers. The red cape she wore came only as low as her extremely short pants. Over her left breast was embroidered a stylized red S within an irregular pentagon. “Supergirl, so good to make your acquaintance.” The man said in smooth, cultured tones. “Thank you for coming.”

“Your … invitation … was most intriguing.”

“I’m sorry to have been so mysterious, but I knew that when I had to call for your help, the newspaper was the most efficient way of your getting the … err, news. As to the venue, I also knew that while I was likely to be inundated with 500 ‘Supergirls’, I resolved to speak to the one who descended from the sky.”

She smiled. “Wise choice.”

“I thought so.” He answered with a grin.

“So, I’m here. What did you need from me? You don’t seem to be in immediate danger.” She looked pointedly around the manicured yard.

“No, I assure you I am in no danger – at least not yet. Shall we go inside? It’s air conditioned, and much more comfortable for what I have to say.”

“After you.”

He seemed mildly surprised, she noted, but led her into the house, closing the glass door behind her. He led her through the living room and into a smaller room set up as a workroom. “Please, have a seat.” He said, indicating a stool by the somewhat crowded workbench. She sat down, crossing her legs. The brevity of her extremely short red hot pants, cut high at her thighs, accented the length of her legs. He noticed, she saw, but hardly minded. “I know your time is particularly valuable, so I will not waste any of it. I chose this hour in order to try to avoid any conflicts for you.”

“Thank you.”

“But to business. I need your help for a minor experiment. It would be beyond the ability of anyone else; for you – a piece of cake.”

“What do you have in mind?” He reached across the workbench and picked up a solid metal rod, about twenty inches long and three inches in diameter. It gleamed brightly in the light. He held it out to her.

“Would you do me the particular favor of bending this?”

Supergirl sighed. “Excuse me? If you’re planning putting this in a frame with a plaque reading ‘Bent by Supergirl on October 13, 2002’, I am going to be very disappointed!”

“Oh, no, dear lady. That is not my intention at all!”

“Then why? You already know who I am. I have leveled hills with my bare hands, played handball against myself with asteroids above the rings of Saturn; bending this will take no more effort than for you to bend a noodle.”

“Because, dear lady, leveling hills you can. Playing handball with asteroids you can. Bending this … you can’t.” The look she gave him at this outrageous claim spoke volumes. She reached out and took the rod from him, resolving to bend it like a wet noodle, hand it back and if he was indeed wasting her time walk out without another word.

She used little more strength, for her, than a human would in bending that noodle, and the bar did not budge. Mildly surprised, she applied more pressure, and then more. The obdurate metal resisted all her efforts.

Putting real strength into it, she gripped the metal tightly and started to strain; but to her vast disbelief it remained stubbornly straight. Gritting her teeth, she pressed harder and harder, feeling her face redden as she strained.

“Dear lady, desist. Your red face does no justice to your peaches and cream complexion.” She almost laughed, but it felt so good to stop, her strained muscles protesting.

“What is it?” She asked, handing the rod back.

“An alloy. 99.3% pure titanium, .7% … something else.” She smiled, not minding his evasion. Obviously it was a ‘trade secret’. “I must say I’m very gratified; up until now I didn’t fully believe it would work. There was always a bit of doubt, but you proved my theory beyond my wildest dreams. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. It was … fascinating.”

“Now, there is something special that you can do for me, something I’ve been thinking about for a very long time indeed.”

“And that is?”

“I want you to pull down your hot pants, spread your legs wide and let me bite your lovely pussy.”

Supergirl’s Torment

Chapter Two

Supergirl was stunned; completely unable to believe he’d actually said it to her. She looked up at him in astonishment, then with mounting annoyance. “That’s in really bad taste!”

“Actually I’m looking forward to finding out what it does taste like.” He told her, looking pointedly at the crotch of her red hot pants. Vastly offended, she stood up.

“I was right, I *am* disappointed.” She turned and stalked toward the door, got about three strides when her legs stopped, and with a startled cry she pitched forward, hands out to stop herself as she fell to the floor. Astounded, she looked back and up at him.

“As you can see, you are not going anywhere.” She had to admit he was right. She could not move her legs; they lay undamaged but completely unresponsive.

“What did you do?!” She demanded. He hefted the metal rod, smacking it rhythmically in his open palm.

“Moving on to the second, and far more pleasurable, portion of the experiment. So far, it is going rather well. Stand up.”

Completely against her will, despite her fighting it every inch of the way, she stood up smoothly, moving as if she were the one in control of her body. She stood motionless, passive, when what she really wanted to do was streak back and knock the leering smile from his face!

He advanced on her, still hefting the gleaming rod. “I told you this was an alloy; the remaining .7% is something you’ll be very familiar with. Notice the flecks of green running through the metal surface? It’s kryptonite, my lovely. It took some time to calculate just the right concentration; you see. I want you to experience what is happening to you, without weakening or killing you.

“Now, you could probably take a missile without a scrape on your lovely flesh, but this careful concentration is just enough to interfere with that famous invulnerability to allow you to feel what is happening without causing any damage whatsoever.”

He swung the rod hard into her stomach, and Supergirl cried out, doubling over from the force, and the pain, of the powerful blow! She clutched herself, bent over in pain, barely able to breathe and astonished beyond measure. He waited until her breath returned, and she was able to straighten up. In a flash of anger, she wanted to ram her fist into *his* stomach, but couldn’t move against him at all. “Why!”

“It’s simple. At this concentration, you will feel all the pain of everything that happens to you, as the kryptonite momentarily weakens you just at the instant of impact, but you are still invulnerable enough that the hardest blow will not even raise a welt. I was very careful to calculate it exactly.

“Now, to put it simply, I really enjoy hurting lovely women. But I have to hold back too much, can’t really do what I want to really enjoy it. Now, what I’m going to do to you would kill a human woman in a matter of minutes. You, however, I can beat with all my strength. It won’t kill you, but it’s going to be pretty damn devastating!”

Kara looked at him, feeling fear for the first time she could remember. Her stomach ached from the rod, and if what he said was so, then…

“I think I’ll start on your lovely breasts. I’ve been looking forward for a long time to beating those boobs! Pull down your top, and let me at your right tit.”

“No!” She refused, even as her hand reached up and, despite all her efforts, tugged at the blue material of her sleeveless top until she got the material under her right breast.

She was humiliated, raging inwardly as she bared her full breast, leaving it obscenely exposed over her tugged out top, the material holding it up from the bottom. She was full, and firm enough not to need any support. He reached out, his hand covering her breast, fondling it, lightly pinching her nipple, which responded to his touch, starting to grow erect, as if her womanly mound were reaching out of its own volition for more touch of his hand.

“Stop this!” She demanded, but he only stepped back a step, and swung the titanium rod in a vicious arc.

It slammed across her breast with devastating force, and Kara shrieked in agony, falling to the floor, the searing pain in her sensitive orb overwhelming her. She could not think of retaliating, she could not think at all, just lay on the floor clutching her breast, crying out loudly. It was an eternity before the pain eased to a point where she could think, and her first thought was revenge!

She turned over, and was about to launch herself at her sadistic tormenter, but instead stood up, grasped the hem of her blue uniform top and lifted it, pulling it over her head. She shook her hair out as she dropped the blue garment, standing quietly, her right breast aching, unable to move.

He was staring at her high, firm breasts, particularly at the red outline where the rod had slammed across her tit, and she wanted to kill him. She cringed inwardly as he raised the bar and brought it across, a vicious forehand to her left breast!

Supergirl screamed shrilly, staggering back, both hands clutching her wounded mound. It felt like he’d knocked it from her chest, but there was no damage she could see, only the intense agony as she cradled her breast. She fought to keep from crying, but the pain was so excruciating she could not help herself, and in her blurred vision she did not see his advance as he slammed the rod, baseball-bat-like, into her undefended right breast!

Supergirl’s scream echoed off the close walls as she staggered further back, her hands on her agonized breasts, desperately blinking back tears of pain. She backed into a table, bending back slightly, and never saw him raise the rod high and bring in down hard on her unprotected pubes.

Supergirl’s shriek was deafening as she clutched her crotch through the thin hot pants, her legs giving out as she fell, the overwhelming agony tearing at her as she lay on the floor, her hands covering her mons as she screamed over and over.

Suddenly she found her hands tugging at the waistband of her hot pants, pushing them down her hips. No matter how hard she fought, no matter how intense the pain in her breasts and crotch, she could not stop herself from pushing the red material off her hips and down her bare legs, kicking it free. Then she raised her hands high over her head, palms upward, raised her knees and spread her legs wide.

She watched in helpless disbelief as he came up to her, looking lustfully at her nude body spread helpless on the floor like a virgin sacrifice. She couldn’t close her legs nor stop him as he raised the gleaming rod high over his head. Instead, with a whimper of misery, she spread her legs wider, arching her hips upward.

He brought the rod down with all his strength, and as a supernova exploded in her sensitive vagina her screech broke several glasses in the chamber.

Supergirl’s Torment

Chapter Three

Supergirl lay on the floor, nude but for her red cape and slippers, battered and sobbing, the pain more intense than anything she had ever imagined. She had tried to fight, to resist, to defend herself from the merciless beating inflicted upon her helpless body, but she had been totally unable to protect herself. It was as if her body was completely under his control, for him to use as he willed, and all for her suffering and humiliation. “Please…” she begged, “…please stop this!”

“My dear beauty, I have hardly begun. And true to my word, there is not a mark on you. I was very particular in the crafting of my … toy, as you will now discover.”

Despite her best efforts, Supergirl pushed herself off the floor, forced to stand on trembling legs, humiliated that she was actually unable to hide her fear. That she was still wearing her cape, feeling it hang down her back and tickle her ass, made her feel more naked than she’d ever felt before. She was miserable and scared, and humiliated that she couldn’t hide it. It was one thing to go against a super-villain and give as good as she got. But to have to take, helplessly, everything he did to her; and particularly all the sexual pain and humiliation, was more than she could stand.

But she could not stop herself from standing now, and walking toward him, particularly aware of her enhanced nudity and complete vulnerability to him. She could try not to show it, but she was frightened beyond anything she could have imagined.

Fighting with all her will, she could not stop herself from walking toward a low table, very much like a butcher block. Gripping the sides of it, she knelt down facing it, pressing her bare body against the solid pale wood. The top of the table was just high enough that her aching full breasts rested on the surface. Before her were three metal slots, and now he held up a thick piece of metal which resembled two arches joined side by side. He pressed the bases of these arches into the slots, trapping her breasts within them.

Despite her best efforts, Supergirl pressed her shoulders forward, giving him better access as he lowered the arches into the slots, pressing on her breasts. He pushed hard, the metal digging deep into her flesh, her entrapped breasts pressed fuller, straining in their voluptuousness until she could barely breathe. Even if she were able, she could not have pulled her breasts back through the small openings without severely hurting them.

“You look so lovely like this, your breasts so nice and full.” He reached down, stroking her straining mounds, and she raged helplessly as he touched her so intimately. Her breasts were incredibly firm, squeezed tight as they were, and they had grown so sensitive that she could barely endure it. Her hands were pressed against the sides of the thick table, and she could no more move them than she could pull her body back. He fondled her, her bound breasts squeezed tightly, incredibly full and firm, especially sensitive after the beating she’d received. But she knew that what had happened to her to this point was nothing compared to the abuse that he was going to inflict upon her defenseless feminine mounds.

“Please, you don’t have to do this!”

“My dear girl, of course I do.” And he raised the bar high, bringing it crashing down with devastating force on her right breast!

Supergirl cried out in agony as the rod slammed into her bound breast with a crushing blow, the pain so intense she couldn’t believe it. She should have torn out of the trap, ripping the table to kindling, but she had not moved back at all, able only to writhe in pain as her breast was dealt a crushing blow.

He raised the bar again and brought it down on her left breast with an impact that brought a shriek to her lips as she convulsed in excruciating pain. Her breasts were red and swelling, and when he brought the rod down yet again on her right breast she thought she was going to die!

He hit her left breast again, and Supergirl screamed helplessly, screaming over and over again in agony as he hit her again, mercilessly beating her breasts with all her strength! They were turning red, swelling from the beating, and still he did not stop, pounding her full boobs over and over again!

He hit so hard she could feel the damaged tissue within them, despite his empty claims. They were red and swelling, already turning a shocking purple, darkening with bruising as he kept hitting her without pause. The agony was so intense she could only kneel there screaming, crying loudly in pain and frustration that she could not fight back.

Gripping the rod in both hands, he swung a devastating blow directly into her left breast, smashing it inward against the arch, and she thought her agonized mound would explode! Another brutal swing targeted her right nipple, slamming her breast into her chest as she shrieked in horrendous torment.

Finally, just before she thought she was going to faint from the torture, he stopped, and as she looked at her swollen, purple breasts she started to sob. Never in her life had she suffered such brutal injury, and seeing the look in his eyes she knew there was worse to come.

He reached down, grabbing her swollen breasts tightly, feeling their heat, pinching her battered nipples and twisting the brutalized mounds. Then he touched a lock and pulled the arches out of the wood.

Kara sobbed in relief an instant before the pain flared through her again as the blood flowed back into her tormented boobs. She wanted to kill him, but instead she pushed herself up from her kneeling position, turned around and lay on her back on the wooden block. She hated beyond words that her body was betraying her, acting in full compliance with his every sadistic whim, and she knew as she positioned herself, her bare ass halfway off the edge of the block, that the worst was yet to come.

Supergirl’s Torment

Chapter Four

Kara Zor-El lay on the butcher block, sobbing helplessly, her body consumed by such intense agony she could not stand another moment, yet she was hopelessly certain that more torture awaited her.

She fought with all her will when she raised her knees, grasping her own legs and spreading them wide as she lay, her face red with shame and misery. Her breasts were deep red, almost purple, and horribly bruised from the horrendous beating he’d inflicted. And now she was spreading her thighs wide, balanced on the table, her hands gripping the backs of her knees to keep herself open and available.

He had already beaten her vagina over and over with the metal club, she was sore and swollen, so much so that even trying to walk had been horrible. And now she could not keep him from kneeling between her legs, even spreading them more widely to allow him better access.

She felt him touch her, pinching her sensitive labia, and she sobbed in abject misery, knowing she could not fight him or defend herself from whatever he wanted to do to her.

He took the kryptonite laden titanium rod and pushed it under her, up along the crack of her ass, so that she lay on it and its devastating rays would remove her last protection from her. Then he bent down, and she could feel his hot breath on her so-sensitive vagina.

He pulled back her labia, spreading her wide, and with his thumbs he spread her further, baring her vulnerable clitoris. She felt him suck it with surprising gentleness, and for an instant thought he wasn’t going to –

Kara shrieked as he bit her clitoris, driving his sharp teeth into the sensitive nub of feminine flesh. The pain was so abominable that she thought she was lose her mind as he ground her clit between his teeth. He bit harder and harder, switching slightly to trap her between his side teeth, grinding her back and forth as she lay screaming, her keening cries of agony accentuating her helplessness as she held herself open for his abuse!

He ground the tiny center of her feelings between his teeth, tearing hard at her, enjoying her screams of pain more than he’d ever imagined. It was so wondrous doing this to a woman who wouldn’t die from his unrestrained attack that he almost climaxed right then. But this was not in his plans; she had not experienced nearly enough pain!

Letting go of her clit, he stood up, looking down at the sobbing blonde, looking so delightful as she lay under him. Her breasts were swollen and bruised, a rich purple, and her entire vaginal area was battered and bruised, but he still had more plans for the helpless Kryptonian.

“This is going to be so great.” He told the sobbing girl. “You’re just not going to believe it.” She looked at him with terror filled eyes, and when he reached over to the workbench and pulled over an electric drill, her breath caught in her throat. “This won’t break your skin, there’ll be no blood – but it is going to be damn painful!”

“No! Please! Don’t do it!” Kara sobbed; humiliated she was reduced to begging, especially when the look in his eyes told her beyond all doubt that he had no intention of being dissuaded. He knelt down between her legs, and she actually pulled herself open wider! “Please! Stop it! I’ll do anything, just don-!” He inserted the cold metal of the drill into her, pushing it up her tight love tunnel. “Please! Don’t! Have Mer -!”

With a loud whirr the metal bit spun in her, the grooves rubbing hard along the sensitive cervix, tearing at the soft tissues. They did not cut into her, but that meant nothing to the pain that flared through her as the metal spun in her mercilessly! Kara screamed shrilly, unable to stop herself as he moved the drill about in her, touching a different part every moment, her pain more than she could endure!

She felt like the drill was ripping her open, even if there was no blood or tearing, and she lay shrieking in unbearable torment as he played the whirring drill about in her. He wouldn’t stop, driving deep in her, rubbing it all about in her as she screamed and sobbed, pleading for mercy.

Suddenly he yanked it out and pressed it hard against her abused clitoris, ramming it onto her and drilling the sensitive nub as, with a climactic shriek, she fainted.

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