Supergirl is tricked and ambushed

S U P E R G I R L’ S W E A K N E S S

With her superhuman hearing, Supergirl followed cries for help to a remote part of the Jungle. When she was sure that she was quite near the source of the sound, she landed and began to look around. Suddenly the cries stopped. Using her x-ray vision, she looked right through the trees and thick vegetation, but she did not detect anyone around. She investigated further.
Suddenly something stirred in the bushes behind her. Before she could spin around a thick green tendril had emerged from the ground and swiftly wrapped itself around her neck. She grabbed it and with her impressive strength she tore it apart and threw it to the ground. She swung her head back and forth, her eyes darting around surveying her surroundings. She was being watched! She began to realize that she did not feel well. She felt tired and a bit dizzy. “What was that thing?” She wondered.
“Help Meeeeeeee...!” Came a cry from the distance. Supergirl spun around and started to move in the direction of the sound, but tripped and fell on her stomach. She realized as soon as she looked up that another one of those green tentacles had reached up out of the earth and grabbed her by the boot. She got up on her other leg but that leg was soon pulled out from under her by another tendril and she fell again, this time on her butt.
“This is ridiculous. What am I Charlie Chaplin?” As she leaned forward to remove the tentacles a third one wrapped around her neck again. She reached up to discard the offending tentacle with her mighty hands, but something was wrong. She tugged on the tentacles with no result. The feeling that she had felt before had gotten worse. Coming in contact with the tendrils was the cause of her ailment. She began to realize that the feeling she was having was familiar to her. At this time her wrists were pulled away from her torso by two more tentacles.
“This weakness I’m feeling…this can only be…Kryptonite!” She thought, “But…How…It’s not possible!” But somehow it was possible. Somehow the tentacles were themselves made out of green kryptonite. “One of Luthor’s scientists must have concocted these! Damn it! This was a trap and I fell for it!”
The tendril around her neck tightened its grip. Supergirl coughed and panted as she desperately gasped for air. She could feel the deadly kryptonite draining her strength and her confidence with it. In the struggle, Supergirl tore her feet from her ensnared boots, but the agile tentacles quickly dropped the boots and caught her ankles, increasing the Kryptonite exposure. Tears began to run down her face. For the first time, Supergirl was truly frightened for her life.
More tendrils sprung from the earth and grabbed her. Tentacles were sliding up her shirt, constricting her stomach and chest and rubbing themselves all over her breasts. Her heart was beating faster than it ever had before. Her body was throbbing with the pain of the green kryptonite’s touch. Her teeth were clenched and her face was turning red. As hard as it was to accept, Supergirl knew that if the kryptonite continued to drain her energy, she would soon perish. She felt completely powerless to save herself and wondered if there was any hope at all.
“Ohhhhhh God! Is this how it’s going to end for me?” She thought, “Am I to die like this?” The thought of her impending doom sent Supergirl into a blind panic the likes of which she had never experienced. From an adrenaline well deep within her, she summoned all of her remaining strength for a violent spasm of energy, in Kryptonian defiance of her fate. To Supergirl’s horror, all that occurred was that her legs kicked around a little bit.
In response to this pathetic effort, additional tendrils sprung from the ground, and wrapped themselves around her knees. They began pulling Supergirl’s knees away from one another. Even though her vision was getting blurry, Supergirl’s eyes widened in shock of what was happening to her. “NO!” She shouted. She flexed her hip and leg muscles and flung her waist around, but the tentacles had become far stronger than her. The tendrils pulled her legs completely apart and held them there. “Oh Shit…Oh God…Not like this!” Supergirl could only wait as two of them advanced on her most private orifices.
Supergirl gasped as the two tendrils wriggled inside her. As soon as they became comfortable, they began thrusting deeper and deeper inside her. “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” She screamed.
Supergirl bit her lip in shock at how utterly fucked she was (literally). The tentacles had ridges that were rubbing against her clit. She could no longer hold back. Supergirl released a series of loud rhythmic grunts and moans from the pain oddly coupled with sexual stimulation. She could feel the tentacles draining her very life force from within her body, and at the same time she could feel the waves of an orgasm beginning to form. “Not like this!” She thought “Oh God Not Like This!!!”
Her head was spinning and spinning. Her clit was throbbing with both pain and pleasure. She felt like it was going to explode*. A sea of tormented thoughts swam through her muddled brain. She could see now that she was going to lose. There was no way out for her now, and no one was around to save her. It had finally happened.
“No, I’m going to die! Ohhhhhh! I don’t want to die!” She thought, “This Can’t Be Happening! I can’t die like this! Not Like This!”
But it was happening. Supergirl’s life was fading fast. She was beginning to climax, and this was draining energy from her even faster, but she couldn’t control it. She felt like her heart was going to burst it was beating so fast.
“I can’t believe this!” She thought, “I’m going to cum! Ohhhhh!”
The tentacles raped a monster orgasm from Supergirl against her will. She released a deep and erotic moan and shuddered uncontrollably. She bit down on one of the tentacles. The other tentacles responded by thrusting themselves still deeper inside of her. With her super-powers drained by the Kryptonite, Supergirl was vulnerable to physical injury. Suddenly Supergirl felt and heard a cracking sound come from her abdomen as the tentacles punched through her cervix and started worming their way up through her internal organs. Her mouth and eyes both opened wide and gurgling sounds emanated from her chest and throat. One of the tendrils slipped into her mouth and began to slide down her throat.
“It’s over…I’m finished…They have beaten me…”
The tentacles came from both directions and found Supergirls hyperactive heart beating wildly in its cage. They wrapped themselves around it and constricted it mercilessly, slowing it down and turning it deadly green.
Supergirl’s head tilted back as she released one last guttural moan of despair. A tear ran down her cheek. Her heart stopped beating. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and at last Supergirl expired.

* Gross! Right?

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